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We provide best-in-class transaction advisory and investment research through our digital DNA and extensive experience from multiple international DD projects, advising leading private equity firms and family offices across all industries in making the right investment decisions

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As a trusted advisor in commercial, digital, technical and data/product due diligence, we identify, analyze, and evaluate targets, their digital readiness across the value chain, market, customer, and competitive dynamics as well as their (digital) growth potential. Over the past 12 years, we realized 300+ M&A deals with >€20B deal value and 2,000+ international value creation projects in various industries for leading private equity firms, we were able to build a database of 110m+ data points that we use to identify transformative growth opportunities, disruption risks and to develop data-based full potential programs.

Our cross-functional team's expertise in digital strategy, digital products and platforms, digital operations, and technology allow us to navigate the complexity of M&A transactions. Our value creation mindset and entrepreneurial approach differentiate us from the competition. With 300+ digital experts in-house, we orchestrate digital growth journeys after successful acquisitions with the management and jointly build the digital equity story with our clients.

Holistic due diligence approach

Commercial due diligence

  • (Topline) assessment of the business plan and calculation of OMMAX business plan
  • Evaluation of growth potential (e.g., international expansion)

More about Commercial Due Diligence

  • Assessment of market dynamics and competitive landscape
  • Analysis of customer economics and acquisition channels

Digital due diligence

  • (Topline) assessment of the business plan and calculation of OMMAX business plan
  • Evaluation of digital growth potential (e.g., digital channel optimization, sales excellence)

More about Digital Due Diligence

  • Analysis of digital performance (e.g., digital KPIs)
  • Assessment of online reputation (e.g., online mentions, social sentiment)

Technical due diligence

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP)
  • Assessment of the development team, competencies, and potential dependencies

More about Technical Due Diligence

  • Analysis and evaluation of the existing IT infrastructure and software development environment
  • Analysis and evaluation of the scalability of current and planned platforms (e.g., Cloud)

Data due diligence

  • Analysis of the maturity of company's (data) product development and legal enablement processes 

  • Assessment of foreseeable external shifts in the data area (technically / legal) which could disrupt the company's current business 

More about Data Due Diligence

  • Assessment of the company's data strategy and data governance maturity (tooling, processes, metadata labelling) 

  • Evaluation of the company's data architecture, pipelines, and data technology stack 



  • Less due diligence spend for the client due to bundle pricing for all workstreams
  • Higher efficiency within the overall due diligence workflow due to single point of contact (on client and target side)
  • Comprehensive value creation roadmap with aligned potentials out of a commercial, digital, tech and data perspective
  • After a successful acquisition, OMMAX enables a seamless transition to value creation through full digital execution coverage (>250 digital experts inhouse)

The OMMAX team’s in-depth analysis supported the identification of efficiency levers in the digital marketing domain, which will allow us to lift value creation potential in our holding period and support the stronger online proposition for the future.

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ESG webinar cover
Insights from our ESG webinar with carbmee
Transaction AdvisoryCircular economyCSR

We recently conducted a webinar with our partner carbmee, whose enterprise software solution empowers enterprises to manage their value chain carbon management better using automation technology. Its EIS™ is an enterprise software solution for value…

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Insights from the Mergermarket M&A Forum Germany 2023
Transaction AdvisoryCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Due DiligenceDigital Readiness AssessmentTechnical Due Diligence

Corporate due diligence is an essential part of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) processes, as it helps dealmakers identify and protect against potential risks and liabilities associated with an investment. However, traditional due diligence procedures…

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Ready for Exit: How to Tell Your Equity Story
Digital Due DiligenceVendor Due DiligenceCommercial Due DiligenceTransaction AdvisoryInvestors & Private EquityPrivate Equities & Investors

The exit is the final and most crucial step in the deal lifecycle. How can a consistent equity story be built up in the course of a vendor due diligence?

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CME stock on laptop
Digital Maturity of Investments
Digital Due DiligenceTransaction AdvisoryPrivate Equities & Investors

Investors should examine the status quo of a target company’s digital maturity. This can be done within a Digital Due Diligence by focusing on five crucial points.

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Hacker binary attack code
Private Equity Funds as Drivers of Digitalisation
Private Equities & InvestorsTransaction Advisory

Many German companies are struggling with the digitalisation process. Private equity (PE) companies now always conduct digital due diligence tests as part of their due diligence processes in order to evaluate the associated potential for value…

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Car light trails on Sea Cliff Bridge, Australia
Why to Perform a Digital Due Diligence
Digital Due DiligenceTransaction AdvisoryPrivate Equities & Investors

Digital business models are not only becoming overwhelmingly important for consumers, but to the same extent valuable for investors. Established consulting firms are facing challenges when it comes to questions around “digital,” and experts are…

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OMMAX advised 3i Group on the sale of nexeye
AnnouncementDigital Due DiligenceDigital StrategyGrowth StrategyTechnical Due DiligenceTransaction Advisory

OMMAX assisted 3i Group plc. the a sale of nexeye to KKR. Headquartered in Gorinchem, the Netherlands, nexeye is a leading European omnichannel optical retailer, operating under the Hans Anders, eyes + more and Direkt Optik brands. Nexeye has…

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OMMAX advised Link11 on the acquisition of Reblaze
AnnouncementITSoftwareTechTechnical Due DiligenceTransaction Advisory

OMMAX assisted Link11 GmbH in acquiring Reblaze Technologies Ltd, a leading cyber security solutions provider specializing in software layer protection, headquartered in Herzliya, Israel.

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OMMAX advised LEA Partners on the acquisition of easybill
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Due DiligenceSoftwareTechTransaction Advisory

OMMAX advised LEA Partners on the acquisition of easybill, a leading SaaS invoicing tool provider in Germany, helping SMEs in e-commerce and other industries automate their invoicing process and ensure full regulatory compliance.

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OMMAX supported Sunday Natural Before Exit to CVC
AnnouncementDigital ExecutionDigital Readiness AssessmentGrowth StrategyTransaction Advisory

OMMAX supported Sunday Natural with an expansion strategy and subsequent creation of a commercial factbook to prepare the sale of the company.

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OMMAX advised Fit Reisen on the sale of KMW Reisen
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceTransaction AdvisoryTravel & Tourism

OMMAX advised the Fit Reisen Group regarding the sale of KMW Reisen GmbH ("Kurz Mal Weg") to a subsidiary of HomeToGo SE, which has signed binding documents to acquire KMW Reisen GmbH and Super Urlaub GmbH (“Kurz Urlaub”). As a result, HomeToGo holds…

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OMMAX advised Oakley Capital on the acquisition of 7mind
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceTransaction Advisory

OMMAX advised Oakley Capital on the acquisition of 7Mind, a leading meditation app in the DACH region. Over the last years, 7Mind developed more than 50 mediation, sleep and mindfulness courses together with cutting-edge mental health experts to…

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OMMAX advised Embrace on the Acquisition of milch & zucker
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceSoftwareTechnical Due DiligenceTransaction Advisory

OMMAX advised Bertelsmann Investments’ EMBRACE on the acquisition of milch & zucker, a leading HR tech and service provider in Germany offering an applicant tracking system (the BeeSite Recruiting Edition), agency services (employer branding &…

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OMMAX advised AURELIUS on the sale of connexta
AnnouncementTransaction AdvisoryITVendor Due Diligence

OMMAX advised AURELIUS Wachstumskapital on the sale of IT services group connexta, marking another milestone in the consultancy’s portfolio of business services transactions.

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OMMAX advised Tenzing on the acquisition of Mahr
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceTransaction AdvisoryTechIT

OMMAX advised Tenzing on the acquisition of Mahr EDV, a best-in-class German-managed IT services provider. Over the last years, Mahr EDV positioned itself as a competent IT partner for their over 600 small and medium-sized (SME) clients with a…

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OMMAX supported Unigestion on the acquisition of TecVia Group
AnnouncementDigital StrategyTechnical Due DiligenceTransaction Advisory

OMMAX supported Unigestion SA in acquiring Springer Fachmedien München and the entire business for mobility education and training from Springer Nature, resulting in the formation of TecVia Group. TecVia is a leading provider of education and…

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OMMAX Advised on the Successful Sale of FACTOR ELEVEN
AnnouncementCommercial Due DiligenceTransaction Advisory

OMMAX supported FACTOR ELEVEN, the leading software company in the field of digital marketing, on the sale of FACTOR ELEVEN. In preparation for the SALE, OMMAX supported FACTOR ELEVEN with a commercial vendor due diligence and examined FACTOR…

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IWC Portofino Chronograph 39
OMMAX Advised Luxury Retailer Bucherer on the Successful Acquisition of Adresta
Transaction AdvisorySaleDigital Due Diligence

OMMAX advised Bucherer AG, a global leading jeweler for watches and jewelry, on the acquisition of Adresta AG, an innovative Software as a Service company that develops blockchain-based digital certificates for luxury goods.

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Coding on computer
OMMAX Advised 7pace on Its Successful Sale to Appfire
Transaction AdvisorySaleSoftwareTechnical Due Diligence

OMMAX supported 7pace, a multi-cloud time management software and creator of the top-selling app for Azure DevOps, on its successful sale to Appfire.

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OMMAX Advised ICG on the Successful Partnership With Exxeta
Transaction AdvisoryCommercial Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

OMMAX supported ICG, the global alternative asset manager, on becoming a partner of Exxeta, a leading German digital transformation services provider.

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Knix underwear
OMMAX Advised Essity on the Successful Acquisition of Knix Wear Inc.
Transaction AdvisoryCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

Knix Wear Inc. (“Knix”) is a leading provider of leakproof apparel for period and incontinence. As a first mover in leakproof intimates, tops and activewear, Knix has established a particularly strong presence in its core markets Canada and the USA.…

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Prince and Yonex padel rackets
OMMAX Advised Ergon Capital on the Successful Acquisition of 360° Padel Group
Transaction AdvisoryDigital Due DiligenceTechnical Due DiligenceCommercial Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

The 360° Padel Group is the largest specialized padel platform globally and the owner of “Siux”, a renowned premium padel brand. Headquartered in Madrid, the group was founded in 2010 and rapidly expanded into the largest specialized padel platform…

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Digital Due Diligence: The Untapped Private Equity Potential
Transaction AdvisoryDigital Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

Digital business models have long been popular with private equity investors, and digitalisation is an important value-enhancing tool. However, financial investors are still not getting the most out of their portfolio companies.

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OMMAX Advised Bencis on the Successful Acquisition of Höfer Chemie
Transaction AdvisoryCommercial Due DiligenceDigital Due DiligenceTechnical Due DiligencePrivate Equities & Investors

Höfer Chemie is a strongly growing online D2C household specialty chemicals brand, especially in Germany and France. Over the last years, Höfer Chemie grew consistently and profitably as it caters with its portfolio to the increasing demand for…

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OMMAX Advised Castik Capital on the Acquisition of Customs Support
Digital Due DiligenceTransaction Advisory

OMMAX supported Castik Capital, a leading European Private Equity firm on the acquisition of Customs Support Group, a leading independent customs broker in Europe.

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OMMAX Advised A-Z GartenHaus GmbH on Its Sale to 3i Group
Digital Due DiligenceTransaction Advisory

OMMAX advises A-Z GartenHaus GmbH – a leading provider of garden houses, carports, sheds and other garden and house related products - on its successful sale to 3i Group!

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