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We provide best-in-class transaction advisory and investment research through our digital DNA as well as our extensive experience from multiple international DD projects. We advise the leading private equity firms and family offices across all industries in making the right investment decision.


Data-driven deal advisory

As a trusted advisor in commercial-, digital-, technical- and data/product due diligence, we identify, analyze, and evaluate targets, their digital readiness across the value chain, market, customer, and competitive dynamics as well as their (digital) growth potential. Over the last 10 years with 200+ deals, €15.5B deal value and 700+ value creation projects for our private equity clients, we were able to build a data base of 110m+ data points that we use to identify transformative growth opportunities, disruption risks and to develop data-based full potential programs. Our cross-functional team's expertise in digital strategy, digital products and platforms, digital operations and technology allow us to navigate through the complexity of M&A transactions. What differentiates us from competition is our value creation mindset and our entrepreneurial approach. With 200+ digital experts inhouse, we orchestrate the digital growth journey after successful acquisition together with the management and jointly build the digital equity story with our clients.

Our transaction advisory process

OMMAX guides its investors through all phases of the transaction. Typically, a pre due diligence is conducted first with a focus on market dynamics and search trends. In the red flag phase and confirmatory due diligence, in-depth analyses of the digital business model, competitors and growth potential are carried out. OMMAX's transaction advisory services extend to the "last mile", which specifically includes support in contacts with the bank as well as Q&A sessions.

Commercial due diligence

  • (Topline) assessment of the business plan and calculation of OMMAX business plan
  • Evaluation of growth potential (e.g., international expansion)
  • Assessment of market dynamics and competitive landscape
  • Analysis of customer economics and acquisition channels

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Digital due diligence

  • (Topline) assessment of the business plan and calculation of OMMAX business plan
  • Evaluation of digital growth potential (e.g., digital channel optimization, sales excellence)
  • Analysis of digital performance (e.g., digital KPIs)
  • Assessment of online reputation (e.g., online mentions, social sentiment)

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Technical due diligence

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP)
  • Assessment of the development team, competencies, and potential dependencies
  • Analysis and evaluation of the existing IT infrastructure and software development environment
  • Analysis and evaluation of the scalability of current and planned platforms (e.g., Cloud)

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Data due diligence

  • Analysis of the maturity of company's (data) product development and legal enablement processes 

  • Assessment of foreseeable external shifts in the data area (technically / legal) which could disrupt the company's current business 

  • Assessment of the company's data strategy and data governance maturity (tooling, processes, metadata labelling) 

  • Evaluation of the company's data architecture, pipelines, and data technology stack 

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