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Transaction Advisory

An overview

We provide world-class transaction advisory and investment research services. Our senior team’s extensive experience serves venture capitalists, private equity firms, and investors across all industries.

As an experienced partner in digital due diligence, we identify, analyze, and evaluate digital targets and their potential, as well as performance improvement opportunities. Our combined capabilities in digital strategy, operations, technology, and marketing steer the complexity of M&A transactions and leverage our cross-functional team. We evaluate target management forecasts in the commercial environment, analyze risks and opportunities within the target market, and determine the strength of the target’s competitive positioning.

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Our transaction advisory process

Commercial due diligence

  • (Topline) assessment of the business plan and calculation of OMMAX business plan
  • Evaluation of growth potential (e.g., international expansion)
  • Assessment of market dynamics and competitive landscape
  • Analysis of customer economics and acquisition channels

Digital due diligence

  • (Topline) assessment of the business plan and calculation of OMMAX business plan
  • Evaluation of digital growth potential (e.g., digital channel optimization, sales excellence)
  • Analysis of digital performance (e.g., digital KPIs)
  • Assessment of online reputation (e.g., online mentions, social sentiment)

Technical due diligence

  • Analysis and evaluation of the current business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery planning (DRP)
  • Assessment of the development team, competencies, and potential dependencies
  • Analysis and evaluation of the existing IT infrastructure and software development environment
  • Analysis and evaluation of the scalability of current and planned platforms (e.g., Cloud)

Vendor due diligence

  • Assessment of historical company performance including reflection of weaknesses and threats
  • Identification of growth opportunities which can be leveraged by the investor after successful transaction
  • Development of a consistent sales message backed by relevant KPIs
  • Elaboration of convincing key investment highlights along USPs, market positioning and growth potential

Equity story design

  • Identification (and implementation) of digital quick wins (e.g. SEA / SEO / Social Media optimization)
  • Identification of (digital) risks and, if necessary, support in the elimination of these risks in advance of a planned transaction
  • Development of a cohesive equity story backed by clearly distinguishable USPs and a strong market demand
  • Assessment of current market positioning and elaboration of potential strategic moves

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