growth strategy

Growth strategy

The foundation of Transformative success

We conduct in-depth market research and readiness assessments that explain the status quo of your company. The combined evaluations spark inventive ideas and cover the impact of digital initiatives, calculated online revenue, and ROI.

Our digital strategy highlights areas of high potential within your company and identifies how to effectively reach your target audience. We work directly with you to understand the strengths and weaknesses in your customer journey and develop a tailored customer retention approach built around individual customer personas.

OMMAX unifies its digital expertise to provide you with a thorough evaluation of value creation, traffic potential, and performance analysis. 

With an OMMAX growth strategy, you can:

  • Achieve local and international growth through digital sales channels that minimize the perceived distance between countries and businesses
  • Identify how to reach your audience more effectively
  • Reach new customers through data-driven internalization
  • Develop a digital ecosystem with an organized roadmap
  • Stay ahead of the competition by identifying competitors and their performance

Growth Strategy Clients

How We Help Our Clients

CWS Workwear Visual

The CWS Case

Case Study Growth Strategy Digital Experience Platform Digital Marketing Dynamic Reporting Processes & Automation E-commerce Advanced Data Analytics Customer Portals

Future winners think about marketing/sales optimization and growth in new ways, actively pursuing multiple digital transformation dimensions. Here is how, by integrating its business and technology strategy with the right partner, CWS built future growth for more than 10,000 employees and a 2019 revenue above €1,180 million!

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  • >4.5 billion € total revenue
  • >10,000 employees
  • >1.180 million € revenue in 2019

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The Transporeon Case

Case Study Logistics & Transportation Software Growth Strategy

Transporeon GmbH is a fast-growing, mid-sized German company with >700 employees, established in 2000. The company’s AI-driven, cloud-based software offers end-to-end transportation solutions, allowing manufacturers, retailers, and carriers to digitalize their transportation logistics processes entirely. Presently, the platform links >1,200 industrial and commercial companies with 100,000 carriers and handles €20 billion in freight each year.

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  • Website merger of 4 individual websites
  • Professional end-to-end website relaunch
  • Setup and support of B2B digital lead generation

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