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The OMMAX DIGITAL ACADEMY allows you to gather a holistic understanding of digital value creation. In just two days, we deliver eight unique two-hour modules that cover a wide range of topics oriented around strategy, goals, operation, and realization.

Our team of experts will help you to identify objectives and collect key takeaways throughout your academy experience. The goal is to enable high-quality communication through all stages of the digital change process. As a result, we help you realize the hidden potentials of digital strategy. 

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Day 1

1. kick-off basics

  • Importance of digital marketing
  • Overview of channels for digital marketing and relevant KPIs
  • Overview of technical terminology

2. seO

  • Building blocks for a successful SEO strategy
  • Suitable templates and tools for SEO
  • Underlying digital search metrics

3. SEA

  • Understand the core elements of a successful SEA strategy
  • Relevant templates and tools for SEA
  • Overview of technical terminology

4. Content Management

  • Criteria for proper content evaluation
  • Content management best practices
  • Stages and processes within the content marketing cycle

Day 2

5. social media

  • Summary of relevant channels and use cases
  • Social media consumer demographics
  • Analytics, monitoring, and research tools

6. Bi & Data Analytics

  • Tools for data visualization, structure, tracking, and reporting
  • Predictive analytics and monitoring
  • The importance of monitoring and tracking

7. Platform & Website

  • Overview of best practices, benchmarking, and relevant tools
  • Factors for both a responsive and conversion-oriented website
  • Evaluation criteria for platform performance

8. Customer Journey & Ux

  • Understanding the importance of a seamless customer journey
  • How to recognize the factors influencing user experience
  • Technical terms and best practices

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The Rossmann Case

Case Study FMCG Digital Academy

Dirk Rossmann opened his first store in Hanover in 1972. Since then, Dirk Rossmann GmbH has become the second-largest drugstore chain in Germany and achieved a turnover of €9.46 billion throughout Europe.

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  • Identified both weaknesses and strengths directly within its marketing operation
  • Challenged modern go-to-market strategies
  • Developed a quick solution and straightforward path towards success and market relevance

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