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Innovative business models boost your competitive advantage. They enable you to enter new or disrupt existing markets with pioneering ideas. By opening new revenue streams, enhancing customer loyalty, and addressing new target groups, prosperous innovations drive top-line growth and profitability.

However, innovative and disruptive business models rarely follow linear developments. Instead, cultivating innovations nowadays requires agile and iterative approaches contradicting traditional ways of working. Continuous testing of the emerging business model and integration of feedback as opposed to sequential development processes characterize agile methods. Due to this fundamental shift, innovation paths pose a significant challenge to many companies.

OMMAX offers support across all challenges along your innovation path. From problem identification until go-to-market, we serve you as a sparring partner or take the lead on your way towards an innovative business model. As an external partner with more than 200 digital experts from various disciplines, OMMAX secures the incorporation of a wide range of innovative perspectives and know-how. We tailor proven innovation and prototyping methods to your specific company along the entire innovation track. Using design thinking workshops, we identify explicit as well as implicit customer needs and narrow down solutions for identified pain points of your business model. The lean startup method supports the incremental development of prototypes and the resulting minimum viable product (MVP). For the final MVP, we plan the go-to-market launch in line with your brand and business strategy.

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Our way to your future business model innovation

OMMAX future business model innovation

The OMMAX Innovation Path is our approach to innovation and disruption. It’s designed to successfully launch new business models in digital markets as it follows an agile method to quickly test, learn and validate new ideas.

In the opportunity space, we aim to provide a holistic overview of the company’s current market situation. It includes a comprehensive as-is analysis, consisting of market, competitor and business model analyses as well as market trends.

The problem space delivers a deep customer understanding, usually reached through in-depth interviews or ethnographic market research. Analysing persona profiles and their customer journeys is an effective way to illustrate pain points and needs to gain rich customer insights. Usually, we focus on few problems and define hypotheses to address specific problems. In the solution space we ideate, develop and design new products or services. We start testing early ideas in e.g. design thinking workshops and using prototypes to get quick customer feedback and ensure the problem-solution-fit.

The validation space encourages to test and validate new ideas as quickly and cheaply as possible. We support our clients by building an MVP that is used to test and get customer feedback which leads to quick learnings and adaptions.

Lastly, to successfully launch the new product, we craft and implement go-to-market strategies to fully exploit the market potential of the new product.

With OMMAX innovation path, you can:

  • Analyze market trends to understand the context
  • Identify relevant pain points along the customer journey
  • Accelerate idea generation and develop a suitable solution
  • Test the solution using an MVP to reach market acceptance
  • Implement a go-to-market strategy to successfully introduce the new product

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