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We support our clients with digital expertise and execution on the operational and strategic level throughout the entire value chain

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Executing a Growth Driven Strategy

One of our core objectives at OMMAX is to support and grow our partners throughout the whole digital value chain. Therefore, we are not only developing a comprehensive and growth-driven strategy, but we are also executing it. Our international team of excellent experts manages and optimizes all digital channels as social media, search engine advertising (SEA), and search engine optimization (SEO) while writing SEO-optimized content, and developing state-of-art websites. Our UX/design department focuses on the user journey, brand development, and design ensuring the success of our campaigns in lead generation. The key to the success of our strategies is DATA, this is why our top priority is tracking, reporting, and business intelligence. The combination of strategy and execution makes us unique and enables us to deliver excellent approaches to our clients.

What is your goal?

Digital Execution


Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO)

CRO is increasing the percentage of users who perform a desired action, known as a conversion, on your website or any specific touchpoint. Our team has many effective CRO methods to get started immediately!

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Customer Portals

To achieve a successful implementation of a state-of-the-art customer portal, we support your business as proven digital experts who have effectively realized portal solutions for a variety of clients in different industries.

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Digital Experience Platform (DXP)

Our team guides you through the implementation of a modern DXP-solution that both centralizes content distribution and unifies data across all channels.



Digital Marketing

We offer specially built marketing strategies designed to enhance your brand management and customer targeting.



Experience Design

Our Experience Design team helps our clients to identify and execute user experience enhancements, with a history of increasing conversions and revenue across a variety of industries.

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Lead Generation

We work directly with you to implement and roll-out of digital initiatives, focusing on the marketing mix that fits your business (SEA, Social, SEO) in your chosen market.



Marketing, Sales & Service Automation

Marketing & sales automation allows you to efficiently manage your resources and optimizing your organization time & money while offering your customers a seamless experience.



Robotic Process Automation

We help you identify the right processes and RPA tools, run requirement analyses for IT and systems, and build your first robots as proof of concept. We help develop a long-term automation strategy by building a Centre of Excellence (CoE) in your organization.

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Sales Funnel Optimization

Our team helps you to fill the pipeline with high quality leads through automated and interconnected digital sales campaigns.


What We Do

The digital market and innovations demand fast-paced experts to strategically respond to the challenges of the competitive and dynamic markets.

OMMAX has successfully partnered with numerous clients from different industries and realized over >2,000 digital projects over the last years. Our international clients come from both the B2B and the B2C sector and operate in various industries e.g. travel, FMCG, healthcare, business services, e-commerce, transportation, financial services, and the public sector.
Our data-driven decision making and business operations approach is the basis for all of our projects, throughout the whole customer journey and sales funnel.

  • Improve digital performance, e.g., ROI, CR, CPL
  • Further drive revenue and EBIDTA
  • Scale your organization and growth
  • Increase customer retention and growth
  • Develop a basis for data-driven business decisions

OMMAX has transformed Waterlogic/Culligan into a high-performing B2B digital marketing and sales organization. Its unique strategy has helped Waterlogic to gain new ground in market visibility and profitable business growth.

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