Heinz Klein

Heinz Klein

Managing Director and CCO at SecureSystem Group


Heinz Klein is an experienced professional and entrepreneur in industrial IoT, supply chain, and commercialization of data-driven technologies.

Heinz is currently leading the Munich- and Washington D.C.-based log-tech company SecureSystem as Managing Director and Chief Commercial Officer. SecureSystem is bringing unprecedented real-time visibility to the world of supply chain management with a special focus on the integrity and security of cargo. Thereby realizing use cases related to ESG, customs clearance, insurance, trade finance, and operational supply chain improvements through the power of data.

At McKinsey & Company, he has gained significant experience as Associate Partner while leading strategy, supply chain, industrial IOT and digitization projects in logistics, automotive, electronics, and semiconductor industries. He has also successfully negotiated and led global technology transactions and cooperation agreements in this area. Additionally, he worked on building corporate ventures with his clients. During his time at McKinsey, Heinz founded and led the initiative Artificial Intelligence in Advanced Industries – pioneering the application of data- and cloud-driven machine learning solutions in industrial settings.

Before that, Heinz was active in the Swiss social entrepreneurship scene by helping to start and grow IMPACT HUB Zurich in the early stages and co-founded the non-profit Project L.I.F.E. in Munich.

He has been publishing and speaking on these topics on conferences regularly. Heinz earned a Master of Arts in Corporate Finance at University of St. Gallen and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and Management at European Business School and University of Melbourne.

Heinz has two kids and lives with his family in Munich, enjoying the proximity to the mountains and nature.