Miriam Janke

Miriam Janke

Co-founder of Trilleco, and TEDx Speaker


Miriam Janke is the co-founder of the green tech startup Trilleco in the field of manufacturing & industry. At Trilleco, she supports companies through their 3D-IoT Sustainability platform to comply with EU regulations and meet their CO2 target goals.

As a tech founder and mentor, Miriam is passionate about helping others grow and do their best work for the world and the future. Her entrepreneurial career started when she was about 14 years old: During school, she spent her time blogging and programming, and her interest in Deep Tech was piqued early on.

The BMW Foundation selected Miriam as a Responsible Leader in 2022. In the same year, she held a TEDx Talk about Circular Economy and the Shift to 2050. In 2020, Miriam became Vize Miss Germany Berlin to get more women into Tech 15,000 applicants. In addition, she is an Entrepreneurship Mentor at the Humboldt University of Berlin, and the University of Mannheim.

She was also appointed as “How NASA Builds Teams” 4-D Consultant by Dr. Charles Pellerin (former head of NASA’s Hubble Telescope) and Gerald Huesch (Senator and CEO of Global Leadership School).