Tarek Kessler

Tarek Kessler

CEO for PE portfolio companies, successful entrepreneur and investor


Tarek Kessler is the Managing Partner at Cortina Ventures, a renowned Entrepreneurial Chief Executive, digital expert, and founder of Sprungbrett Internet, a DIFM Website Builder Startup, and of pro.mot Promotion/mauerwerk Group, a BPO agency for direct marketing and sales promotions.

Tarek has 20 years of experience and a proven track record in building, scaling and acquiring businesses. In addition, he has extensive expertise in buy & build, digital business, product management, marketing, and growth. His prior roles include CEO at adviqo Group / AUCTUS Capital Partners and Member of the Group Management Board & CxO at iVenture Group.

He is also the advisor to the founder & CEO of Vio.com where Tarek advises on strategy, company building and growth. Additionally, Tarek is an Angel Investor/Venture Capital and Private Equity LP at Cortina Ventures.

Previously, he was a member of the advisory board of Amorelie where he advised the senior leadership team on new business initiatives and growth opportunities.

Tarek holds a Master of Science in Strategic Management from the Rotterdam School of Management.