Peter Sterflinger

Peter Sterflinger

Vice President Finance



Peter Sterflinger is Vice President Finance at OMMAX.

Previously he worked as Digital Strategy Director at OMMAX focusing on digital transaction advisory and digital strategy development.

He lead (digital) due diligence projects and digital value creation for our clients. Peter has 9+ years of professional experience in management consulting, marketing and digital strategy development. Prior to OMMAX, Peter was in the Strategy, Customer and Operations practice of EY, where he worked with many of the biggest financial services firms of the world. He was CMO and CIO of AIESEC in Germany where he established a new business unit for Marketing / Communications (roll out and change completed in 36 subsidiaries).

He is a passionate trainer and facilitator with more than 1000h of experience and has a very positive and results-oriented attitude. Peter holds a Master of Science in Physics from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University in Munich.