Sven Vörtmann

Sven Vörtmann

Partner / Tech



Sven Vörtmann is Partner and leads the technical development of all national and international tech projects across B2B and B2C industries with his interdisciplinary team in Hamburg.

In his career of 20 years, Sven has created the concept and implementation of web solutions and served clients with state-of-the-art technology solutions. He has worked on digital solutions for large clients across all industries and developed complex web CMS platforms, e-commerce systems as well as DXP platforms. Part of his recent client work is helping global and regional healthcare and transportation operators in developing their digital transformation further. In his previous role Sven created platforms for universities as well as big international companies like Sharp Devices Europe and has led the implementation of 300+ web projects to this day.

Sven studied Applied Mathematics and is recipient of some Online-Awards e.g. BIENE-Award, which recognizes outstanding talents in developing accessible, user-optimized web applications.