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Our Tech Due Diligence provides an assessment of potential opportunities and risks before obtaining a value for an investment

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Tech due diligence (TDD) is made up of a comprehensive independent audit and analysis of a company’s technological platform and data strategy in the context of a potential transaction. Its service portfolio includes holistic tech due diligence, a tech readiness assessment, and a tech fact book preparation – all three including a deep dive tech audit.

With the increasing amount of tech providers and increasing complexity in systems, it is more than imperative to perform a tech assessment of a target company before an investment. Our experienced tech experts not only cover holistic tech assessments but also translate them into an easy-to-understand business language for our clients, highlighting the most relevant factors as well as red and yellow flags seen within the target company.

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Evaluation of Your Target With a Tech Due Diligence

With the increasing importance of technology for driving and scaling business models, it is imperative to consider a deeper technology and data capabilities assessment of a target company prior to an investment. Our subject matter experts not only cover holistic technology and data due diligence, but also help interpret the findings in a broader market and business context. Additionally, our team determines the key (risk) factors with business impact and provides an independent view of red and yellow flags seen within the target company. Our experts combine expertise from more than 2,000+ digital projects in 50+ countries.

Our tech due diligence is a deep dive assessment of the company’s inside-out IT strategy, capabilities and scalability addressing following key questions

  • Is the IT strategy achievable with the available resources in the proposed time?
  • Is the system architecture and the IT infrastructure scalable in the context of the business roadmap?
  • Is the software development life cycle agile, documented and efficient?
  • Are the necessary tech capabilities, resources and structures available in the organization?
  • Are relevant IT security standards in place and are regularly audited?
  • How consistent is the data quality and maturity across the organization to support data-driven decision-making and new business opportunities?

Our tech due diligence offering covers the following key modules

The scope of a tech due diligence includes seven core modules providing a holistic assessment of technology and product scalability including risks and opportunities to support business strategy and growth.

  1. Tech & product trategy: The first module includes the description of a company's technology and product role in the context of the business and growth strategy as well as the evaluation of the IT roadmap including coverage, timelines and priorities.

  2. IT infrastructure & system architecture: In the second module, the software architecture and scalability of the tool stack incl. documentation of code and technical debt as well as the front- and back-end infrastructure in terms of interoperability and scalability are evaluated.

  3. Software development life cycle: In the third module, the tech stack is evaluated  with several components and the development processes and tech stack incl. documentation and degree of automation for developing and maintaining the company's systems and infrastructure analyzed.

  4. Team and organization: In the Team and Organization module, we evaluate the IT team structure, incl., i.e., involved external parties and how the development team's competencies supports the company's business and growth strategy.

  5. IT Security & Compliance: Here, we assess the security measures in place incl. documentation and up-to-dateness of Business Continuity Planning and Disaster Recovery Planning.

  6. Tech financials: In module six, CapEx and OpEx spend is broken down by major product area, including commentary on their alignment with business growth plans as well as comparable peer and industry numbers.

  7. Data model and quality: In the last module, factors such as the current data model, data architectur and relevant systems are described, an overview of collected data is provided and data inventory and the data quality related to business impact analyzed. 

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With an OMMAX Tech Due Diligence You Will Receive

  • Evaluation of the technology architecture and the product development roadmap in the context of the company's business and growth strategy 

  • Evaluation of the technology architecture, its dependencies and scalability 

  • Analysis of the company’s application programming interfaces for data exchange 

  • Evaluation of the software portfolio including code, processes, best practices, and documentation reviews  

  • Evaluation of the front-end and back-end IT infrastructure in terms of interoperability 

  • Analysis of the hosting infrastructure and associated service level agreements 

  • Assessment of the security measures in place including documentation and actuality of business continuity planning and disaster recovery planning 

  • Analysis of the IT operations and product development processes and tools including documentation and degree of automation for development, release and maintenance of the company's applications, data, and infrastructure 

  • Assessment of the dependency on external partners and service providers 

  • Analysis of the IT cost structure, e.g., salaries, contractors, partners, services, hosting 

  • Evaluation of how the development team structure and competencies support the company's business and growth strategy 

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