Impressions from our Tech Talks 2023 Event

Bringing together the brightest digital minds to discuss real success stories of boosting business performance through data & AI

Munich, September 2023 | Tech Talks

Our Tech Talks 2023 event on Boosting business performance through data and AI was a resounding success! Joined by the brightest digital minds in Europe, including senior data experts, entrepreneurs, CDOs & CIOs, experts on digitalization, and investors, at our Munich headquarters, the event was full of insightful speeches and meaningful connections forged.

During the event, we explored the omnipresent influence of new technologies like genAI, addressing the central question of how they can be effectively harnessed in real-world business scenarios.

Dive into the inspiring success stories showcased during the event, with impressions, videos, and links to download our Keynote Speakers' presentations. Enjoy the content!



STIHL is an internationally leading group that develops, manufactures, and distributes outdoor power equipment. Having revolutionized work in the forestry sector with its bestselling chainsaws, STIHL has upheld its pioneering spirit and continued creating and implementing future-oriented innovations.

We have successfully supported STIHL in the development and expansion of its data analytics, providing the company with long-term benefits across three central business functions: product portfolio management, sales, and service. Download the presentation below or watch the video to learn more about how we achieved substantial benefits in customer support with the help of an AI solution, a project that achieved over 250% return on investment.

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Gerke Jauch (STIHL)


IFCO is the world's leading provider of reusable plastic packaging solutions for fresh food products. IFCO is making the food industry supply chain more sustainable through their SmartCycle, whose services cover every aspect of Reusable Packaging Containers (RPCs) management.

We have proudly supported IFCO's digital transformation as a strategic partner since 2020, from IT strategy initiatives to data analytics, automation, and more. Our latest collaboration involves the strategy and implementation of a track-and-trace solution for IFCO’s RPC assets, resulting in real business value and operational savings across all European washing centers. Watch the video or follow the link below to learn more!

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Anastasios Papadopoulos (IFCO)


Westwing is a home & living e-commerce founded in 2011 and headquartered in Munich, Germany. With over 1.3 million active customers in over 11 European countries, it is one of the market leaders in the segment, basing its brand on creativity and inspiration.

Having discovered untapped potential within their e-commerce category pages, Westwing sought to enrich these pages with high-quality content, unlocking more SEO value, page visibility, and revenue. For this application, we built an AI-based MVP customized for Westwing, leveraging several data sources. Watch the video or download the presentation to learn how the project achieved a highly scalable, flexible, and tailored setup that increased efficiency by 40-50%.

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Felix Neumayer (Westwing)

Impressions from the Event

Event Feedback

"From smart RPCs to LM-based call center ticketing to GPT-4 enabled SEO content creation. It was an enriching experience filled with fascinating insights into various use cases of artificial intelligence."

"Innovative work on data and AI projects, great job OMMAX."

"Great event with inspiring speakers!"

"The case studies presented were very impressive."

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