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Technical assessment of a new high-power charging (HPC) station concept

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Deutsche Leasing Group (DAL) is Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe’s center of excellence for leasing, factoring, and other alternative forms of financing, with around € 12 billion of assets under management and new business of around € 1.65 billion per year.

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Yet, the technical concept of the high-power charging (HPC) station is very new and still contains potential credit risks. Therefore, as part of the credit risk analysis, the OMMAX team performed technical due diligence on the HPC station and the related technical concept based on high-capacity batteries.

Key objectives

    OMMAX supported DAL during a credit transaction review for a large CleanTech client with the technical assessment of a high-power charging (HPC) station concept to be rolled out in several hundred installations across Germany. 

    The key objectives were:


    • Assessment of the operational lifetime of key components of the HPC station
    • Appraisal of battery state of health (SoH) in relation to charging cycles (DoD) and supplementary energy services
    • Estimation of replacement investments and maintenance expenses during the credit period
    • Identification of O&M service providers for field service of such an energy infrastructure

    Project Scope

      The scope of the technical assessment covered four areas to support DAL’s credit transaction review:


      Operational Lifetime Assessment

      • Identification of key components (incl. HVAC, battery, power electronics)
      • Assessment of calendar and cyclic aging of the battery based on various parameters: temperature, power, charge/discharge rate, load profiles
      • Assessment of further key components based on technical certification reports (e.g. TüV) such as environmental tests and heating tests) 

      Battery State of Health Assessment 

      • Identification of usage scenarios based on the projected rate of use (per day/ month/ year) of the charging station
      • Assessment of projected depth of discharge (DoD) incl. parallel EV charging
      • Calculate the SoH of the charging station battery 

      Cost Assessment 

      • Calculation of replacement risk and related cost for key components of the charging station over the credit period
      • Calculating maintenance efforts (preventative and corrective) for the charging station over the credit period
      • Assessment of warranty terms and conditions for key components

      O&M Service Provider Assessment

      • Identification of large-scale Operations and maintenance service providers for high-power charging station infrastructure field service

      • Assessment of various dimensions (e.g., services, expertise, size, certifications, and references) of each Operations & Maintenance provider

      • Strategic grouping of O&M service providers

      we are proud to support clients in the field of clean technology

      Cleantech is crucial in addressing environmental challenges, reducing greenhouse gas emissions, conserving natural resources, and transitioning to a more sustainable, low-carbon economy. Specifically, batteries are a critical enabler of cleantech solutions by providing the means to store and utilize renewable energy, improve energy resilience, and transition to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly energy and transportation infrastructure.

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