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About Evidia

Evidia is the leading radiation medicine group in Germany. Formed in 2021 from the merger of Meine Radiologie Holding and blikk Holding, the new company formed under the new owner EQT has been known as Evidia since June 2022.

With over 2,000 employees and 90+ practices across Germany, Evidia offers the full range of radiological, nuclear medicine, and radiation therapy services in a wide range of specialties.

Evidia is headquartered in Dortmund, Germany, and counts the DACH region as its core market. With a B2C customer segment, Evidia's vision is to become a digital frontrunner in the healthcare industry to drive patient and referrer acquisition, as well as the digitalization of internal processes and operations.

Project Goals

    The overarching goal was to transform Evidia into a digital frontrunner in the healthcare sector, a goal which was interconnected by several complementing project objectives:

    • Fully digitalize the patient journey with a focus on the most relevant touchpoints: appointment booking, intake process, and result-sharing between patients, referrer, and practices
    • Enhance the patient experience by creating a patient-centric digital platform
    • Increase operational excellence by decreasing repetitive and manual tasks
    • Build a scalable digital infrastructure that fosters further national and international expansion
    • Develop a strong and competitive brand in the healthcare sector

    The Opportunity

    Market and Competition

    • The radiology market is highly influenced by the growing geriatric population, set to nearly double from 12% to 22% of the general population within the next 35 years, and the increase in chronic diseases
    • Although strong international competitors are focusing on digital market entry, competitors within the DACH region still present low digital maturity


    Digital patient and referrer platform

    • After merging the two companies (MRH and blikk), a unified digital platform was missing to provide detailed information about services, offerings, radiologists, their credentials, and patient reviews
    • Such a platform can help patients make informed decisions and address referring doctors more easily


    Digitalization of patient journey

    • Significant opportunity to transform the entire patient journey through digital means
    • Create digital touchpoints in every step of the patient's journey, from practice search and appointment booking to the intake process (digital check-in) and sharing results between the patient, referring healthcare provider, and the radiology practice itself


    Operational excellence

    • High potential for increasing operational efficiency through optimized processes (e.g. reduction of manual and repetitive work)
    • Increased utilization of practice equipment (e.g. more information about the patients prior to treatment, or reduction of no-show rates)

    Our Approach and Results

    Within 18 months, OMMAX supported Evidia in accomplishing a full digital transformation journey including the digitalization of the complete patient experience, the go-live of a digital recruiting engine, and the rollout of vendors across first pilot locations.


    1) Digital Value Creation Strategy


    • Market and competitor analysis to identify (digital) market trends
    • Analysis of patient behavior and digital patient journey by conducting a survey with +1000 patients and holding expert interviews
    • Development of a to-be digital strategy, including a pilot to prototype different vendor scenarios to gain as many insights as possible and to identify criteria and mechanisms for successful scaling of the digital ecosystem


    2) Vendor Selection


    • Based on four core areas of the digital patient journey (website, booking, intake, patient and referrer portal), assessments with 20+ vendors were conducted
    • Consultation until the signing of three shortlisted vendors
    • Mapping of the technical target architecture for different integration options
    • Support in business planning and rollout plan across 90+ practices


    3) Digital Recruiting Engine


    • Development of an employer branding and digital recruiting strategy, including business case calculation
    • Design and technical development of a career site with full integration of ATS


    4) Digital Patient and Referrer Platform


    • Based on the digital strategy, a full digital ecosystem for patient and referrer acquisition was developed
    • Development of wireframes and designs based on use cases and customer journey
    • Conducting user tests at multiple stages of the project to validate the development process
    • Set up of full-funnel tracking to assess platform performance

    Together, we achieved:

    • +10,000 appointment booking clicks in the first month after go live

    • +30% in work applications YoY

    • +20 vendors assessed and three contracts signed

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