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How we supported LucaNet in the development and implementation of a digital strategy

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LucaNet, the market leader in Corporate Performance Management tools, offers certified software for the preparation of financial statements, financial planning, reporting, and data management.

With experience from over 20 years of software development, LucaNet’s Corporate Performance Management software is designed to match the requirements of finance teams and to simplify finance operations and day-to-day business across industries and companies of all sizes. In total, more than 5,000 enterprises in over 50 countries rely on LucaNet.

OMMAX supported LucaNet with digital strategy by implementing HubSpot Marketing Hub Enterprise, including a connection to Salesforce Sales Cloud. The transformation of the existing multi-account setup into a single HubSpot business unit enabled all country teams to work together in one single environment, resulting in less complexity and increased marketing and sales efficiency.


    1. Fast Discovery

    • Marketing and sales process analysis 

    • System architecture and data flow analysis (as-is, target design) 

    • Identification of improvement potential based on benchmarking against best-practice setup


    2. Implementation & Enhancement 

    • Set-up of HubSpot and support on HubSpot contract 

    • Data migration from existing tools while ensuring data quality 

    • Transfer of seven act-on instances into one HubSpot instance 

    • Field configurations and regional segmentation 

    • Account structure and permission setting definition & set-up 

    • Interface individualization & reporting cockpits 

    • Connection to Salesforce 

    • CRM & Salesforce Sales Cloud enhancement 

    • Website forms & double opt-in process 

    • Connection of paid channels such as Google, Meta & LinkedIn 

    • Lead nurturing & automated communication 

    • Lead scoring & lead stages update rules

    • Preference Center configuration

    • Testing, training, and go-live including documentation 


    • Monitoring and adjusting the synchronization of leads with Salesforce 

    • Monitoring of LinkedIn lead generation form contacts 

    • Monitoring of workflows and lead queue assignment 

    • Adjustment of process steps as part of the monitoring and optimization process 



    • Optimization of lead scoring based on new HubSpot data 

    • Support and optimization in report creation and configuration 

    • Continuously update and maintain CRM system in HubSpot, including managing contacts, tracking business progress, setting up custom workflows, and ensuring data accuracy and integrity 

    "OMMAX was a great partner during our migration from our legacy Marketing Automation Platform to HubSpot Marketing Hub. They have been essential for our HubSpot implementation from planning through hypercare. Their guidance and operational support have enabled a smooth migration and the implementation of core processes in HubSpot. If you're looking to increase the strength of your organization’s automation capabilities in marketing and CRM, OMMAX is very much recommended."

    Imen Awag Team Lead Marketing Operations & Intelligence, LucaNet

    Together, We Achieved:

    • Increase in the efficiency of marketing and sales processes due to more elaborate automation based on a three-digit number of workflows
    • 360 smart segments delivering whitepapers, brochures, and other content in a scalable manner
    • End-to-end tracking of marketing activities from conversion to sales
    • Elaborate lead scoring logic based on more than 50 rules to help prioritize leads for the sales teams
    • Six-digit number of contacts transferred from seven Act-on instances to one HubSpot instance

    "The introduction of HubSpot Marketing Hub allows LucaNet to further drive and accelerate the strong growth of its CPM platform. The result of the successful collaboration with OMMAX is a powerful marketing automation solution that significantly increases LucaNet's efficiency."

    Dr. Anja Konhäuser Partner & Co-Founder at OMMAX

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