The WAGO Case


About WAGO

WAGO is an internationally leading supplier of connection and automation technology and interface electronics, as well as the global market leader in the field of spring clamping technology in B2B and B2C markets.

With 9,000 employees, WAGO has an annual revenue of €1.34 bn. Whether in automotive, industrial, building technology, or energy technologies, WAGO operates with safety and efficiency in over 80 countries. WAGO's operations are also bolstered by 9 international production and distribution sites and 20 distribution companies.

OMMAX supported with the strategy planning and implementation of a Sitecore Content Hub, enabling marketing teams to manage digital assets, product content, and core marketing processes in a centralized environment.

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Solution Overview

    The use of a Sitecore Content Hub incorporates several closely integrated modules that are part of a composable Digital Experience Platform (DXP) and leverages a common data model, ultimately helping enterprises manage the entire content and campaign lifecycle in one place.

    1. Digital Asset Management (DAM): Easy storage, management, distribution and control of assets


    • Simplified storage, management, distribution, and control of digital assets
    • Reduced time consumption for tagging, localization, and usage of resource
    • Integration of machine learning for automation of manual processes


    2. Content Management Platform (CMP): Efficient planning, creation and publication of content


    • Streamlined content strategizing, planning, creation, and publication
    • Optimized usage and distribution of content pieces to different channels and stakeholders
    • Improved digital visibility due to regular publishing SEO-optimized content

    3. Product Content Management (PCM): Fully integrated PCM solution as integral part of content hub


    • Single point of truth for product information within Content Hub
    • Clear rights and roles concept to ensure compliance
    • Easy integration of product information in marketing campaigns


    4. Marketing Resource Management (MRM): Effective managing, budgeting, and controlling throughout all phases


    • Planning and execution of campaigns across channels, markets, and brands
    • Steering of teams in a user-friendly and intuitive way
    • Improved collaboration, monitoring, and approval of deliverables to meet business objectives and important deadlines
    All rights reserved by WAGO

    Our Approach Over Time

    All rights reserved by WAGO



      H2 2022: Analysis & system design


      • Business processes ‘As-is’ analysis with the subsequent definition of ‘to-be’ process steps and responsibilities
      • Marketing campaigns’ structure, classification, and deliverables definition
      • ‘As-is’ Enterprise Architecture assessment and ‘to-be’ definition in accordance with Sitecore Content Hub implementation
      • System domain definition and data modeling
      • Sitecore Content Hub – Stibo Step PIM integration design

      H1 2023: Implementation to Go-live


      • Sitecore Content Hub functionality implementation, including integrations with 3rd party systems
      • CI Hub-Sitecore Asset Connector configuration 
      • Automated Product data migration mirrored from PIM System
      • Digital Assets migration to Content Hub
      • User Acceptance Testing and System handover to WAGO Product owner
      • Key users training and system template design/configuration
      • Go-live and Hypercare (key users support with operational system usage)


      H2 2023: System functionality extension


      • Integrations to 3rd party systems enhancement
      • Content translation process automation via Across
      • Digital assets migration from other 3rd party systems
      • WAGO Brand portal digital assets incorporation into Sitecore Content Hub
      • Design of the system roll-out concept in other countries

      "OMMAX's support helped us drive forward the digital transformation of marketing processes at WAGO. As a result of our partnership, the implemented Sitecore Content Hub allows our teams to draw on standardized, best-practice marketing processes and to generate marketing content from a single, headless platform."

      Thomas Brandstätter Head of Product Experience Management, WAGO

      Together, We Achieved:

      • 7 aggregated campaign types with optimized workflows implemented
      • est. -15% in marketing campaign time to market
      • +33 countries able to replicate localized content in 2024
      • 4 systems’ digital assets unified in one platform

      "WAGO is an enterprise-scale manufacturer; that’s why the efficiency and speed of operational processes directly affect the profit and success of the company. We are glad to accompany WAGO on this journey and accelerate its marketing performance."

      Peter Makovitzky Partner at OMMAX

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