Sven Loth

Sven Loth

Former Managing Director & Group CTO of adviqo


Sven Loth has over 15 years of experience leading teams as CTO, a role in which he has acted as translator and negotiator, building bridges between individuals and units within a centralized IT team. He has worked for companies at all stages, from start-up to corporate, developing expertise in operational excellence, strategic planning, innovation and budgeting.

Sven is the former Managing Director and Group CTO at adviqo, Europe’s largest provider of life advice services and operator of national TV station AstroTV. In this role, he oversaw the technology used in mobile and web marketplaces, corporate IT and TV studios; in addition to unifying the company's product teams under a single tech solution.

With a diverse background, his focus lies on e-commerce, marketplaces and transactional products. Additionally, he has substantial experience in M&A, conducting tech due diligence, mastery of the technical intricacies of GDPR legislation, a solid understanding of cloud infrastructure, as well as IT security and architecture.