Eva Bammann

Eva Bammann

Director Analytics and Data Science



Eva Bammann is Director Analytics and Data Science at OMMAX. In her role, she leverages her in-depth knowledge of quantitative data analytics with mathematical programming and expertise in visualizing data and complex content in a way that generates maximum value for the respective user.

Throughout her career, Eva has managed high-tech software solutions and the digitalization of processes and has strong experience in B2B and B2C marketing and sales.

Prior to joining OMMAX, she drove forward the green energy revolution at sonnen's virtual power plant, which controls home batteries with stored solar power to stabilize global power grids. Eva also worked at Entelios as a Quantitative Analyst for Energy Markets & Energy Logistics, at DEVnet in Quantitative Analytics and was Teaching Assistant at the Department of Mathematics of the University of Augsburg.

Eva holds a Master of Science in Mathematics in Operations Research from the Technical University of Munich and a Bachelor in Mathematical Finance and Computer Science from the University of Augsburg.