Lisa Marsfeld

Lisa Marsfeld

Partner / Digital Strategy




Lisa Marsfeld is Partner at OMMAX and leads projects in innovation and go-to-market performance for leading companies. Through her expertise and experience in Digital Marketing Strategy, Project Management and Business Development, she helps national and international companies to develop growth strategies.

In her career she has developed and executed digital strategies across different industries, with a specialized focus on MVP projects and go-to-market concepts for international B2B and B2C clients. The cross-industry projects have included digital growth strategies with data-driven customer experience models and lead generation strategies. She has also driven high turnarounds for clients across healthcare and FMCG sector by improving their digital performance and introducing new products. Prior to her position at OMMAX, she has worked with market leaders around the world such as BCG, Esteรฉ Lauder and Val Morgan in Sydney.

Lisa graduated from Ludwig Maximilian University in Munich with a masterโ€™s degree in Psychology, Sociology and Communication sciences.