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Leveraging Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) for Marketing Personalization

OMMAX Whitepaper

Leveraging Customer Data Platforms for Real-Time Marketing Personalization

This white paper aims to provide a deeper understanding of CDPs (Customer Data Platforms), thus creating value for companies that adopt this tool in their technology stack. We describe CDPs in a five-step process from customer data collection to the analysis and activation for marketing purposes. The underlying process is the basis for explaining the organizational benefits of this technology and comparing CDPs to other enterprise systems to highlight key differences.

The five-step process to personalization is an OMMAX-built process that helps you gain deeper insights on CDPs by describing the main features and capabilities of such technology as well as the several benefits it can potentially bring to organizations. Moreover, the conceptualized process defined aims to support you to identify the use cases for which a CDP can be adopted, thus allowing you to understand whether its adoption could help your organization.

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