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Digital Rockstars in Tourism

– How Do They Do It?

Ommax White Paper

OMMAX white paper: Digital rockstars in tourism

The Online Tourism Industry Is Booming


  • More than 34 million Germans (43%) book their trip online
  • 23.1 billion Euro turnover in 2016 by online bookings (min. stay of 1 night)
  • The online tourism market in Germany is booming
  • E-tourism advertising market grows to 633 million euros
  • (+ 47.7% compared to 2015)

Digital visibility is a precondition for success in the tourism industry. A look at the industry’s high-flyers shows that the strategic interaction of search engine optimization (SEO), paid search, content, social media and business intelligence can give rise to a top player in the online market in just a few years. How can a digital strategy be successfully planned and implemented? The presentation will reveal insights and best practice examples.

With OMMAX's digital expert analyses, we have selected the 5 digital rockstars in the tourism industry within the various digital channels - download the presentation and see which brands and companies outperform their competition and how they do it:

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