The Customs Support Case

Scalable lead generation and futureproof MarTech for Customs Support's digital go-to-market

About customs support

Customs Support is the leading full-service and digital customs partner in Europe for 30.000+ clients. More than 1.700+ customs specialists in 100+ strategic locations support their clients in reaching customs compliance and achieving operational efficiency. Their service offering ranges from full-service and digital customs declarations, fiscal representation to consulting services.

The company is rapidly expanding their footprint in the EU through M&A activities and requires scalable digital value creation strategies in order to become Europe's #1 customs broker.

Our Digital Transformation Approach

Following a successful go-to-market and successful digital marketing pilot in 2021, the implementation of scalable digital infrastructure, automation, and digital marketing expansion resulted in the rapid scaling of digital revenues and realization of growth cases. Our OMMAX digital transformation approach included:


1. Digital go-to-market


  • Digital market assessment and digital go-to-market strategy for 3+ markets

  • Implementation of initial lead gen pilot including multi-touchpoint campaign ecosystem and conversion-optimized landing pages to generate high-quality leads

  • Development of SEO-optimized content and implementation of technical and structural initiatives resulting in strong website visibility uplift and brand development in key markets 


2. Future-proof MarTech infrastructure    


  • Roll-out of automated and transparent lead data collection across all digital channels 

  • Setup of data model and data integration between CRM, website and marketing cloud across 6+ markets to allow for efficient marketing/sales steering and scaling of global marketing ecosystem across markets and brands

  • Build up of full-funnel real-time reporting suite and KPI tracking for data-driven marketing campaign optimization and direct impact on ROAS and CAC 


3. Sales enablement and excellence 


  • Development of lead-to-sales processes and digital sales funnel strategy incl., setup of underlying data mapping between CRM and marketing cloud 

  • Sales enablement and KPI-driven sales funnel steering with local sales teams to ensure strong lead to sales performance with a direct impact on close rates and first-time revenue 

  • Roll-out of prequalification and automated lead scoring pilot for efficient lead follow-up and sales funnel management


4. Marketing automation & lead nurturing


  • Development of a sophisticated lead nurturing strategy to nurture highly relevant soft leads collected via digital channels (e.g. LinkedIn, webinars, premium content etc.) via automated and highly targeted nurturing campaigns 

  • Setup of marketing cloud incl. relevant data integration, build up of automated workflows and 20+ high-performing assets with above average open and conversion rates

  • Leveraging of marketing cloud for retention, up- and cross-selling campaigns 

Together, We Achieved:

  • +135% number of deals

  • +246% first-time revenue

  • +336% increase in ROAS

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