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The KLAFS Case

How We Supported KLAFS in Assessing Current Digital Capabilities and Developing a Digital Strategy


KLAFS is the leading sauna manufacturer in Europe in the premium segment. In 1952, Erich Klafs delivered the first Erich Klafs Sauna, the first entirely prefabricated sauna for home installation. Before that, saunas were built on-site over several days - now, sophisticated, high-quality, and affordable saunas can be set up in no time.

KLAFS hired us to support transforming offline distribution by enhancing digital lead generation and sauna distribution. Along the value chain, digitization potentials were derived for each module through a detailed status quo analysis, various interviews with relevant stakeholders and best practice experiences.

“We are very pleased with the detailed strategy work provided by OMMAX to bring our e-commerce activities to the next level. We are convinced we will benefit in the short and long term from the strategy, roadmap and organizational changes recommended by OMMAX.”

Phillip Rock CEO of KLAFS

Our Digital Transformation Approach

We offer digital solutions across the entire lead-to-sale process through the wide-ranging digital transformation program. Throughout our project with KLAFS, we derived five key modules.


1. Lead Generation/Marketing


  • As-is analysis of current lead generation channels (offline and online, incl. social media) based on core target groups (private, commercial, including evaluation of customer journey
  • Identification of best practice examples from competitors and players in other industries
  • This lead to a shared understanding of the lead generation and marketing activities


2. Direct/Indirect Sales


  • Qualitative analysis of digital sales processes (back-end and front-end process analysis) along the customer journey
  • Evaluation of the applied tool stack in the sales process
  • This resulted in a common understanding of the potentials for sales optimization and their effects


3. Design and Engineering


  • Analysis of the current IT infrastructure, tool stack and processes
  • Creation of a roadmap for design and engineering (action plan for short-, medium- and long-term value creation)
  • The result was a common understanding of the potentials and their effects


4. Service and After Sales


  • Qualitative analysis of service activities (back-end and front-end along the customer journey)
  • Evaluation of digital channels in the aftersales process
  • Assessment of e-commerce readiness
  • Deep dive on e-commerce logistics strategy incl. scenario overview


5. Business Case and Implementation Roadmap


  • Calculation of a business case and of the required budget (impact on P&L)
  • Development of a Target Operating Model (TOM)
  • Definition of a prioritized investment roadmap (CAPEX and OPEX level)
  • This resulted in a business case and conception of the implementation

6. Logistics/E-commerce Scaling


  • As-is analysis based on e-commerce scaling, with a focus on logistics performance without additional space requirements
  • Scenario analysis of logistics processing incl. dimensioning of e-commerce warehouse, returns processing and transport with integration of automation and robotics
  • Preparation of an investment plan for warehouse and logistics incl. IT interface connection between logistics, production and e-commerce

Transferring the Digitalization Potential Across the Value Chain

The definition of digitization potentials along the value chain was transferred into the definition of:

  • A growth strategy...
  • ...including a digital agenda...
  • ...as well as organizational change
KLAFS saunas

"Accelerating the digital growth of KLAFS has been a rewarding experience. The KLAFS team is highly engaged and we look forward to implementing the digital agenda within the omnichannel customer journey experience.”

Dr. Stefan Sambol Partner & Co-founder at OMMAX

Together, We Achieved:

  • > 20 work packages

  • > 250-page report

  • > 65 quick wins identified

  • 2 business cases calculated

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