Westwing: Harnessing AI for content creation and optimization

how we achieved a 40-50% efficiency increase for the leading e-commerce home & living company through AI

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Westwing is a home & living e-commerce headquartered in Munich, Germany. Founded in 2011 and publicly listed since 2018, Westwing is one of the market leaders in the segment, basing its brand on creativity and inspiration. With a product offering spanning all of the home & living categories, Westwing's business model is based on strengthening flywheel effects by being a love brand for consumers.

As of Q4 2022, Westwing has >1.3 million active customers, a workforce of >1800 employees, and is active in 11 European countries.

Project Overview

    Having discovered untapped potential within their e-commerce category pages, Westwing sought to enrich these pages with high-quality content, unlocking more SEO value, page visibility in search engine results, and revenue.

    For this application, OMMAX built an AI-based MVP customized for Westwing, leveraging several data sources. The core requirements of this solution were:

    • High-quality, with content that meets SEO best practices and is at par with current standard levels
    • Scalability, as Westwing has thousands of product listings across multiple countries in different languages
    • Profitability impact, with resource and cost efficiency gained as compared to the current setup


    OMMAX built an AI-based MVP customized to Westwing’s business, leveraging several data sources and tackling two high-priority use cases: optimizing pages with no content or poor content. This was achieved by using pre-defined prompts on a Large Language Model (LLM), allowing Westwing to automatize the creation of unique descriptive content based on different configurations, such as SEO optimization, target audience, tonality, competition insights, category page, and more.

    This allows several steps of the content creation process to be streamlined or removed, creating significant operational and cost efficiencies.

    Project Achievements:

    • 40-50% efficiency increase

    • High scores in SEO quality ratings​

    • Scalable, flexible, and tailored setup

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