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B2B Website in Cooperation With OMMAX

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Schönwald SHABBY CHIC collection

BHS tabletop is a manufacturer and provider of professional tableware, coupled with flexible, individual, digital services. The business model combines innovative products, conceptual solutions and competent advice with top logistical performance.

BHS tabletop launches state-of-the-art B2B website in cooperation with OMMAX – BUILDING DIGITAL LEADERS


  • BHS tabletop has been working with OMMAX as a long-term partner on the digital transformation of the company since March 2021
  • The core of this digitization initiative is the comprehensive website relaunch, which unifies BHS tabletop's previously existing brand websites under one roof
  • The collaboration’s primary goals are to boost digital visibility, optimize digital customer interactions and establish a digital DNA in the portfolio company of the Serafin Group

Munich, 22.11.2021

BHS tabletop is a manufacturer and provider of professional tableware, coupled with flexible, individual, digital services. The business model combines innovative products, conceptual solutions and competent advice with top logistical performance. As a result, they enable an extremely diverse range of clients in out-of-home gastronomy around the world to realize a modern, professional, and personal table culture, as well as the creation of culinary experiences. In order to translate core competencies such as customer and service orientation into the digital sector, the medium-sized company from Franconia has been using the digitization and industry expertise of OMMAX – Digital Solutions since the beginning of 2021. The transformation project for BHS tabletop (part of the Serafin Group) is another example of the successful cooperation between private equity firms and OMMAX.

BHS tabletop has invested in a long-term digitization roadmap to ensure long-term competitiveness. It becomes evident that digitization initiatives, such as streamlining digital service interactions or recording customers’ digital footprints, not only redefines customer engagement possibilities, but also increases long-term sales potential. Customers, as well as corporate partners, must be picked up where they are presently active – in the digital world. As a result, BHS tabletop is collaborating with OMMAX – Digital Solutions on a number of projects in order to implement a holistic digital transformation strategy.

OMMAX is BHS tabletop’s strategic and operational digitization partner on this project. Several digitization projects have been successfully implemented following a joint planning and analysis phase. Aside from the website’s successful relaunch, OMMAX is the chosen partner to implement data visualization, newsletter marketing, content optimization, digital lead generation and to support with brand repositioning. In addition to unifying three BHS tabletop brands into one website, the aim of the relaunch project is to boost digital visibility, streamline customer interaction and embed digitization in the company's DNA.

OMMAX has so far fully met our expectations of a holistic digitization partner. The combination of analytical digital consulting and creative operational support is the mix we need for our digital transformation. The numerous references from the private equity industry make it clear that the digitization initiatives are also financially worthwhile.

Christoph Auer, Chief Transformation Officer at BHS tabletop

Johannes Breitschaft, Manager Digital Development at BHS tabletop: "As a company that is just at the beginning of its digitization ambitions, we benefit in particular from the specialized consultants at OMMAX – Digital Solutions. We were impressed by the expertise we encountered in the individual subprojects. By accessing the individual teams of experts at OMMAX, we receive precise advice without creating unnecessary coordination effort."

We are impressed by BHS tabletop’s pace and determination to drive digital transformation inside the company. We observe synergy benefits amongst individual workstreams due to our expert team’s exposure to several company-wide digitization projects. This reduces the customer’s project management efforts to a minimum. This holistic strategy, in our opinion, is the ideal approach to make the digital transformation a reality. In 2022, we are already looking forward to driving further innovations for BHS tabletop.

Dr. Stefan Sambol, Partner at OMMAX


BHS tabletop is the world's leading manufacturer and provider of professional tabletop products, coupled with flexible, personalized services. With the Bauscher and Schönwald brands, BHS tabletop serves the international market for professional porcelain. Playground, the newest addition to the portfolio, focuses on innovative products from the field of professional ceramics. Their business model blends high quality, innovative products with competent advice and logistical excellence. BHS tabletop's customers include high-ranking companies from the hotel, catering, aviation, cruise, care and specialist trade sectors. BHS tabletop is headquartered in Selb, Upper Franconia, and employs approx. 700 people. BHS tabletop is part of the Serafin Group, whose philosophy stems from the 150-year entrepreneurial tradition of the shareholder family. Serafin invests in companies following the theme "Responsibility from tradition", in order to further develop them in harmony with all stakeholders. Prof. Dr. Bernd Gottschalk, Wolfgang Ley and Prof. Dr. Heinrich von Pierer, members of the advisory board, have contributed their experience to this development.

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