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OMMAX advised Fit Reisen on the sale of KMW Reisen

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OMMAX advised the Fit Reisen Group regarding the sale of KMW Reisen GmbH ("Kurz Mal Weg") to a subsidiary of HomeToGo SE, which has signed binding documents to acquire KMW Reisen GmbH and Super Urlaub GmbH (“Kurz Urlaub”). As a result, HomeToGo holds a 51% majority stake in the combined business. This marks a significant milestone in OMMAX's online travel market portfolio.

OMMAX conducted a comprehensive commercial vendor due diligence, critically assessing Kurz Mal Weg's current business model, competitive position, market environment, and business plan. This thorough evaluation underscored Kurz Mal Weg’s exceptional strengths, confirming its status as a leading specialist provider in the DACH market for selling thematic travel bundled with hotel offerings for short trips.

Due to the resilient post-COVID-19 recovery in the German travel and tourism sector, fueled by a surge in online bookings, demographic shifts, and heightened demand for personalized, sustainable travel experiences, Kurz Mal Weg strategically invested in fortifying its technological infrastructure. This included streamlining processes and leveraging thematic travel bundles, voucher development, and loyalty programs for scalable growth. With a focus on thematic travel and bundled hotel offerings, Kurz Mal Weg enhances travel experiences with a suite of enriched services encompassing wellness amenities, sports activities, fine dining, and compelling offers tailored to meet the diverse needs of modern travelers.

Toni Stork, Partner at OMMAX, added, "Collaborating with Fit Reisen Group and Kurz Mal Weg’s management team during the commercial vendor due diligence was a pleasure. We are confident that Kurz Mal Weg's growth trajectory will continue to thrive, especially with the combined business with Kurzurlaub and majority acquisition by HomeToGo.”

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"Following the transaction, we extend our gratitude to the OMMAX team for their invaluable support in conducting a sophisticated evaluation of Kurz Mal Weg 's strengths, affirming our leading position as Germany's foremost platform for short-term holidays and actively contributing to shaping a compelling equity story."

Jan Seifried, CEO of Fit Reisen Group


KMW Reisen GmbH (KMW) operates one of the leading online marketplaces for short trips in the DACH region at kurz-mal-weg.de. Founded in 2001, the online pioneer Kurz Mal Weg has been part of the Fit Reisen Group (fitreisen.de) in Frankfurt am Main, the number one specialist for health and wellness travel in Europe, since 2016. With its technical expertise and comprehensive knowledge of the tour operator business, Kurz Mal Weg has been largely expanding its offering since its founding, focusing on Germany and its neighboring European countries. The Company’s portfolio comprises more than 19,000 travel offers. Kurz Mal Weg is based in Leipzig, Frankfurt am Main, and Hamburg.


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