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OMMAX advised Tenzing on the acquisition of Mahr

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OMMAX advised Tenzing on the acquisition of Mahr EDV, a best-in-class German-managed IT services provider. Over the last years, Mahr EDV positioned itself as a competent IT partner for their over 600 small and medium-sized (SME) clients with a comprehensive service portfolio of managed services and IT consulting. The strategic partnership with Tenzing enables Mahr EDV to realize the next stage in its impressive growth journey to capture the strongly growing demand of SMEs for competent IT partners to address increasingly complex IT challenges.

OMMAX advised Tenzing with a commercial due diligence analyzing market dynamics, the competitive landscape, the target company’s business model, and its customer economics – always benchmarked against key competitors.

Toni Stork, Founder and Partner at OMMAX, comments: “Mahr EDV's strategic approach to managed IT services for SMEs in Germany aligns perfectly with the current market demands. The DACH IT services market is valued at €4.8 billion and growing at 7.6% p.a., showing a bright future. We congratulate Tenzing and Mahr on this promising partnership.”

In an era characterized by a shortage of skilled IT talent and the persistent threat of cyber security attacks, there is an undeniable demand for IT outsourcing and managed cloud services. Mahr is poised to tackle these challenges head-on with its one-face-to-the-customer approach tailored particularly to the under-digitized German SME sector.

“OMMAX supported us by effectively combining IT and commercial expertise to deliver a comprehensive commercial due diligence for Mahr EDV. They managed to elaborate on the drivers of our success and highlighted valuable insights which were an important decision factor in the transaction process.”

Christian Ramme, Investment Lead DACH at Tenzing

About Mahr EDV

Mahr EDV, founded in 1999, is a managed IT system provider headquartered in Berlin with 14 strategic locations across all of Germany. Their managed IT and cloud services in addition to IT consulting and implementation cover the IT needs of their small and medium-sized customers holistically to enable failure-free IT operations.

For more information, please visit https://www.mahr-edv.de/

About Tenzing

Tenzing is a Founder-focused, growth equity investor. They specialize in investments in high-growth UK and European small and medium-sized enterprises with a focus on niche market leaders and challenger businesses. They help entrepreneurs to realize the value of their business and help companies unlock their untapped growth potential.

For more information, please visit https://tenzing.pe/



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