OMMAX and Kneipp work together on digital strategy

OMMAX lately conducted a digital readiness assessment over 5 dimensions for Kneipp, famous for products like bath salts, body washes & body oils.

OMMAX lately conducted a digital readiness assessment over 5 dimensions for Kneipp, famous for products like bath salts, body washes & body oils. Both companies collaborated on developing the e-commercegrowth strategy of the traditional naturopathy manufacturer based in Würzburg and identify new digital revenue channels, next to the offline retail business. Besides best-in-class marketing tactics (on- and offpage) and creating an even stronger digital reach for their brand on Amazon Marketplaces, which currently includes a portfolio of >300 products, Kneipp is keen to target new customer groups (D2C) through social media strategies and a new launched website.

"The collaboration with OMMAX was professional and supported us in gaining many valuable insights on the digital status quo of Kneipp in different international markets”, says Alexander C. Schmidt, Kneipp’s CEO.

Dr. Stefan Sambol, Partner at OMMAX commented on the project: "We are delighted that we could support such a traditional yet innovative company like Kneipp. The collaboration with their highly skilled digital experts enabled us to identify optimisation potentials together in order to support Kneipp’s E-Commerce business and in becoming a digital champion.”

Kneipp manufactures various products in the field of naturopathy. The company's product range includes bath products and body care products, creams and ointments, as well as herbal medicines, dietary supplements and herbal teas. With more than €100m in turnover and an international presence in several European countries, as well as the US, Japan and South Africa, Kneipp products have gained in popularity due to their natural and healthy ingredients.

About Kneipp

For over 125 years, the brand Kneipp® is standing for effective, innovative and natural products for the overall well-being and health, based on the holistic teachings of Sebastian Kneipp. Naturopathy expertise and pharmaceutical experience as well as the most modern production procedures and carefully conducted scientific controls, have been guaranteeing the quality of the Kneipp products for generations. The Kneipp Group, headquartered in Würzburg, Germany, operates worldwide with around 650 employees, 450 of them in Germany, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of PAUL HARTMANN AG, Heidenheim, Germany.

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