OMMAX Whitepaper "How to keep topline traction while navigating through a crisis"

A recently OMMAX conducted study on businesses’ behavior in crisis situations reveals the best practices to gain topline traction in challenging times. Along with the results of the study OMMAX created a white paper with recommendations how to deal with the consequences of crises in order to keep topline traction despite a turbulent situation. These recommendations indicate for example how to react to the changed demand with up-to-date customer analytics. And they reveal impactful measures like the improvement of the customer journey towards conversion-orientation, and a higher reach via search engine optimization, search engine advertising or social media campaigns.

OMMAX Managing Partner Dr. Stefan Sambol points out that the Corona crisis lead to a “forced digitization”. He explains: “The crisis is a warning sign for mid-sized companies. Many neglected digital solutions in previous years, since the business was still doing well in the traditional way. But now markets are changing dramatically, and those who get ready now can act faster and gain market share.”

Get ready now and learn with our whitepaper how to keep topline traction despite a turbulent situation.

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