SEO aims to gain and increase traffic to a website from the organic search results in search engines like Google. The most important factor for SEO success is to highlight a brand, products or services for the desired target group amongst search engines. The more relevant traffic that comes to a website, the higher the impact on a business. All this depends on a wide range of different factors:

  • Analytics & optimization (tracking, insights, action etc.)
  • On-page factors (technical setup, relevant content, meta tags, keywords etc.)
  • Off-page factors (inbound links, blogs, link management, social signals etc.)

Search Engine Optimization with OMMAX

  • SEO - an extension of digital strategy

    In order to effectively promote brand, services, products or pages, we implement current and proven best practices to achieve higher rankings and avoid penalizations. To ensure success, we always have a bigger picture in mind and integrate our SEO measures into your whole digital strategy.

     To keep up with an ever-changing digital landscape, we provide our clients with continuous analysis and up-to-date strategies.

  • 50 markets, 26 industries, 9 languages

    With experience in local and global SEO, we implement optimization measures that are proven to maximize revenue potential, increase user engagement and drive online traffic. Our international approach allows us to understand the dynamics and specifics of every individual market; OMMAX is a leading partner for local, national and international SEO strategies.

  • Portfolio of our services

    For insight into our working process, here are a few examples of some of our services:

    • Website crawl analysis/website relaunch support
    • Page speed optimization
    • Log file analysis
    • Mobile device optimization
    • Duplicate content check
    • Keyword research and optimization
    • Implementation and adjustment of content and meta tags
    • Market and competitor analysis
    • Optimization of page elements – headers, HTML tags, etc.
    • Link risk audit
    • SEO workshop

Without an SEO strategy, businesses risk to loose important market share to competitors.

How OMMAX increases digital visibility:

  • Experienced team with international background
  • Insights into best practices within multiple industries
  • Certified success in SEO strategy, on-page and off-page optimization

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