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OMMAX Supported AURELIUS on the Sale of Distrelec

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OMMAX supported the AURELIUS Group on the sale of Distrelec, a leading distributor of electronic and technical components with Headquarters in Manchester, UK. In preparation for the sale of Distrelec, OMMAX supported AURELIUS through a Digital Exit Readiness program followed by a Vendor Due Diligence spanning the modules Digital, Tech, Logistics and Procurement.

In Digital Exit Readiness, OMMAX examined the company's digital performance, evaluating dimensions such as digital market dynamics, competitive landscape, digital marketing performance, tech setup, and capabilities, as well as identified value creation potential to strengthen the equity story. This was followed by a phase of hands-on execution (involving e.g. SEO / SEA performance and business intelligence) support over several months. A dedicated KPI dashboard helped measure progress on digital and customer KPIs.

Finally, OMMAX prepared a vendor due diligence report covering digital, technology, logistics and procurement. Digital capabilities (i.e. SEO, SEA, marketing automation), technology setup (i.e. technology strategy, system architecture, IT infrastructure and software development lifecycle) and capabilities, as well as logistics, procurement and warehousing capabilities were presented in the report in a compelling equity story.

Toni Stork, Founder and CEO at OMMAX, comments: “We would like to congratulate AURELIUS on the successful transaction of Distrelec. It was a great pleasure to work on this Digital Exit Readiness, the execution project and the Vendor Due Diligence!”

AURELIUS was very content with the prolonged and comprehensive support that OMMAX delivered around the sale of Distrelec. The work of the Digital Exit Readiness provided an excellent preparation, which culminated in a compelling equity story in the Vendor Due Diligence report.

Stephan Rahmede, Vice President of AURELIUS


AURELIUS is a pan-European alternative investment firm. Deep operational expertise and experience enable AURELIUS to accelerate value creation within its portfolio companies. The Group has offices in London, Luxembourg, Munich, Amsterdam, Stockholm, Madrid, Milan and Dusseldorf.

Our key investment platforms are AURELIUS European Opportunities IV fund and the listed AURELIUS Equity Opportunities SE & Co. KGaA (ISIN: DE000A0JK2A8, Ticker Symbol: AR4), which specialise in corporate carve-out transactions and acquiring companies with development potential in the mid-market. The investment strategy’s core element is growth of its portfolio companies, supported by a team of almost 100 operating taskforce experts.

AURELIUS Group additionally operates in the areas of growth capital, real estate and alternative lending solutions. AURELIUS Growth Investments is focused on transactions involving buy-and-builds, buyouts and succession solutions across the small cap sector. AURELIUS Real Estate Opportunities focuses on real estate investments, the value of which can be increased in the long-term by means of active management. AURELIUS Finance Company provides flexible lending solutions to firms across Europe.

To find out more, please visit: aurelius-group.com

About Distrelec

Founded over 45 years ago in Switzerland, Distrelec focuses on technical components, automation and measurement technology. The company is represented by subsidiaries in more than 15 countries and supply their customers throughout Europe quickly and reliably. AURELIUS acquired Distrelec as a carve-out from Dätwyler Group in March 2020.

For more information about Distrelec, please visit: distrelec.de


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By Toni Stork

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