Impressions From Our Logistics Networking Event

We welcomed more than 80 representatives from forward-thinking and leading logistics companies to a networking event at our beautiful headquarters in Munich

MUNICH, MAY 2023 | logistics networking event

During our networking event, we discussed pressing issues such as decarbonization, green tech, and the effect of future developments of AI and IoT on the supply chain and logistics industry. As the industry evolves, technology & data-driven solutions become increasingly crucial for efficiency, cost reduction, and customer experience.

Sustainable logistics involves more than just switching to clean energy - it requires rethinking supply chain design, reducing waste, and optimizing delivery routes to minimize emissions. Therefore, we are very excited to have welcomed 80+ representatives from forward-thinking and leading logistics companies to our networking event in Munich, co-hosted with Alpega, Customs Support, and Shippeo.

Explore further insights about our co-hosts below!

about Alpega

Alpega is a leading global logistics software company that offers end-to-end solutions that cover all transport needs, including transport management services (TMS) and freight exchange. Alpega TMS is a cloud-based software solution that connects manufacturers to a broad network of logistics providers in order to digitize complex supply chain processes.

We are continuously supporting Alpega with digital marketing and sales.

Learn more about our cooperation in our Alpega case study here.

about Customs Support Group

Customs Support is a full-service and digital customs partner in Europe. Every day 1700+ customs specialists work in unity to fulfill customs requirements and ensure goods cross borders without hassle or delay. Together, they make customs easy for global trade. Furthermore, through an extensive service offering and digital capability, they support clients to maximize regulatory compliance and achieve operational efficiency (support in import duty optimization, duty planning, and ongoing development to reflect the constantly shifting customs landscape).

You can learn more about how we supported Customs Support Group with digital value creation here


Shippeo is a global leader in real-time multimodal transportation visibility, helping major shippers and logistics service providers deliver exceptional customer service and achieve operational excellence. Their Multimodal Visibility Network tracks shipments across all modes of transport and integrates with more than 875 TMS, telematics, and ELD systems.

The platform provides instant access to real-time shipment tracking through an intuitive user experience and offers unmatched ETA accuracy thanks to proprietary and industry-leading algorithms.

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