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OMMAX Advises aiutanda Comprehensively in Setting New Standards


The Munich-based digital consultancy OMMAX - Digital Solutions supports the Germany-wide outpatient health group aiutanda in the planning and implementation of a sustainable go-to-market strategy in marketing and HR.

  • OMMAX designs and launches the corporate website of aiutanda
  • OMMAX implements a professional, modern social media presence
  • These measures will enable aiutanda to achieve scalable, profitable and sustainable digital growth

Munich, 25. November 2019 – The Munich-based digital consultancy OMMAX - Digital Solutions supports the Germany-wide outpatient health group aiutanda in the planning and implementation of a sustainable go-to-market strategy in marketing and HR. In particular, the website, the social media strategy and the application management will be future-oriented in the new approach.

In developing the digital strategy, OMMAX takes up the specific challenges of the outpatient health sector and, with the help of digital measures, exploits the potential of data analysis for increasing the performance of its partner aiutanda. With its digital strategy, OMMAX optimized aiutanda's website taking its target group and conversion rate into account. In addition, various social media campaigns with the selected image and text language humorously present real challenges of the daily working world. Strong branding and a high brand recognition value are created. The constant KPI monitoring ensures that the set goals can be achieved. Relevant content on the social media platforms also has a positive effect on the company's image. At the same time, a revised HR structure - especially with regards to the job applicant management and employer branding - ensures strong lead performance and enables sustainable growth for aiutanda in a market where there are hardly any applicants.


About aiutanda

aiutanda is an initiative of private entrepreneurs whose aim is to establish as the market and quality leader in outpatient health care in Germany and thereby shape the industry. Services in the field of outpatient nursing care for the sick and the elderly, the provision of homecare products for people in need of help and people who help caringly are of importance here.

The combination of the experience of the five private financiers in outpatient health care and the implementation security with the long-term development perspective of companies through significant capital strength form the ideal basis for aiutanda's concept: a modern outpatient health group. Based on this strategy, aiutanda enters into binding partnerships with companies in the outpatient healthcare market in Germany. These are actively and sustainably further developed and thus become part of a large and strong health group oriented towards sustainability.

With locations throughout Germany and around 700 employees, aiutanda helps significantly more than 1000 needy people every day. The goal is to continue to grow healthily and steadily and to accept the challenges of the balance between humanity and digitalization and to live with a sense of proportion. This benefits both patients and employees, because it makes it possible to anchor first-class quality and humanity in outpatient health care on a long-term and sustainable basis. aiutanda thus makes a significant contribution to modernizing the care landscape in Germany.

"Despite all the industry-specific hurdles, our new digital strategy is helping aiutanda to succeed. Our strategy Social Media First in the recruiting of outpatient health care has been confirmed as a very successful personnel recruitment channel by the great cooperation with the aiutanda team. We are happy to support aiutanda as a partner and excited to see how the performance of the strategy will continue to develop positively."

Dr. Anja Konhäuser, Partner at OMMAX

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