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Software Specialist MEDIFOX DAN Sold to ResMed for US$1BN

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OMMAX has supported the digital transformation and digital value creation of MEDIFOX DAN, a leading provider of software solutions and services to care and therapy providers, under the holding of Hg Capital, a leading software and services investor, since the beginning of 2019.

The announcement of the sale of MEDIFOX DAN to ResMed, a global leader in cloud-connected medical devices and out-of-hospital software-as-a-service (SaaS) business solutions, in a transaction that values the business at an enterprise value of around US $1 billion, displays the immense success of the company’s digital transformation and promising future ahead.

OMMAX consulted the MEDIFOX DAN team to develop the digital go-to-market strategy and roll out of a digital running eco-system, which included a lead generation-oriented website, followed by the set-up of a sales supporting marketing automation solution that is connected to salesforce enabling further digital value creation in the long run for the growing group of MEDIFOX DAN.

In addition, the Munich based digital strategy consultancy supported the care software specialist in setting up and optimizing the digital sales funnel as well as developing dedicated landing pages addressing different market needs.

OMMAX supported us to envision and develop our digital market potential and at the same time helped transform our business into a digital running engine.

Eva Jagalla,Chief Digital Officer at MEDIFOX DAN 

Dr. Anja Konhäuser, Co-Founder and Partner at OMMAX shares: “Working alongside with MEDIFOX DAN, supporting their business transformation by accelerating their digital growth has been a rewarding experience. The ability of their team, as well as their execution of the digital agenda has been highly impressive, we wish MEDIFOX DAN all the very best for their new partnership with ResMed.”



The MEDIFOX DAN Group, headquartered in Hildesheim, Germany, currently employs over 600 people at nine locations nationwide and specializes in the development of innovative software solutions and services for professional and non-professional care, therapeutic practices and child, family, and youth welfare facilities. In addition, digital solutions for modern training and education management – both for professional care and family caregivers – expand the group’s comprehensive product portfolio. What started as a small start-up business developed into a firmly established software company. Besides holistic product solutions, MEDIFOX DAN has always been characterized by strong partnerships and innovative services. Behind MEDIFOX DAN stands a team of innovative minds, over 55 years of industry experience and cumulative expertise, that works every day to set trendsetting standards for digitization in the health and social care sector and to drive innovation forward. In short: We are more than just software.

For more information, please visit: medifoxdan.de

The transaction with an enterprise value of around US $1 billion displays the immense success of the company’s digital transformation and the promising future ahead.

About ResMed

ResMed is a world-leading digital health company. Its pioneering cloud-connected medical devices and out-of-hospital software solutions have transformed care for over 137 million people globally. ResMed is also a leader in mission-critical enterprise software and services for the out-of-hospital care sector, serving homecare provider, stationary and ambulatory care equivalent sectors in the United States.

For more information, please visit: resmed-healthcare.de


About Hg Capital

Hg is a platform for software and services champions, focused on backing businesses that change how we all do business. Deep technology expertise, complemented by vertical application specialisation and dedicated operational support, provides a compelling proposition to management teams looking to scale their businesses. Hg has funds under management of over $40 billion, with an investment team of over 160 professionals, including a portfolio team of almost 50 operators, providing practical support to help our businesses to realise their growth ambitions. Based in London, Munich and New York, Hg has a portfolio of over 45 software and technology businesses, worth over $100 billion aggregate enterprise value, with over 55,000 employees globally, growing at over 20% per year.

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By Dr. Anja Konhäuser

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